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SMARTRAIL X835-100B-MID Three Phase Digital kWh Meter (100A Direct Connected - Pulsed Output)

Product Code: SMARTRAIL X835-100B-MID

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The SMARTRAIL X835-100B-MID is a Three Phase Digital Power Meter that measures the kWh usage on a 100A AC Circuit, removing the need for additional current transformers. This particular meter has proven to be very popular due to it's intelligent set up which differentiates between Import & Export kWh. The SMARTRAIL X835-100 Series is housed in a 4-DIN (72mm) case meaning it is compact and space-saving. The meter has a built-in pulsed output, which can work in conjunction with a datalogger enabling the end-user to record the measured data remotely. We have also added the feature of a partial resettable parameter, allowing the end-user to measure energy within a desired time-frame.

We have invested in MID B&D certification for the SMARTRAIL X835-100B-MID, this proves the accuracy and quality of the product and allows it to be used for Billing Applications. As of April 2016, MID approved Meters will be the only legal option when the measurements are to be used for billing. All of our MID approved meters are certified here in the UK.